Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How Music affects ones soul

Dear Ones,
  Music has always been an important part of my life in some way.
 As a teen and preteen, I fell in love with classical music. As I got older my tastes broadened to allow in some pop singers as well.
 As I began to sing in choirs for different churches, I was exposed to
 more traditional church music.
 In all this I became aware of singing..and music in general and how it affected me as a listener. 
 The music that gets to me is that which touches the core of my being. My heart and soul if you will.
 Very few secular singers do that for me. The ones come to mind are Josh Groban, Anne Murray, Judy Small, and many many more, all touch my core with not only their voices, but their words as well. Well tonight I heard a woman from Scotland in Mid-Lothian in fact who was a contestant on Britain's Got Tallent that absolutely touched my spirit and blew me away! 
 The power of her singing,the clarity of her voice, and the emotion she put into it all amde an impact on me. Her name is Susan Boyle you can find her on you tube just type in her name.
All in all what I'm getting at is voices and music like hers touches the infinite in me, brings me closer to God,and allows me to see God's Spirit in others.
 I hope you get a chance to hear her and others like her and let them bring you into closer communion with God.
 Now I'm not in any way advocating the replacement of the Eucharist with only music,thats absurd. but in the scheme of things it's just one more thing our Loving God gives us to get just that much more closer  on a personal level.
Resurrectional/Easter blessings to you and yours,

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