Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Clarity for thoughts.....

 Dear friends,

It's been a long time since I have felt 'inspired' to write. Sometimes I have felt it was due to the lack of the Holy Spirit in my thoughts.. and sometimes from sheer lack of anything "witty" or of importance to write about.

 Not so this time, not so.

 The picture to the left pretty much says it all in a nutshell. 

These words attributed to St. Francis, can be added to all walks of life, from the petty politicians we are currently having to endure, to many of us in the ISM/ Independent catholic movement.

 With that said, in this take it with me now gimme, gimme world we live in, what indeed do we leave behind us as a legacy? Where is our Love, sacrifice and courage? How do or can we show it to others? How can we if we do not first find it within ourselves? Do we stand up verbally for those who can not seem to do so for themselves? All three come into play when you do stand up for those who are unable to do so.

What bout those others deem 'crazy' or weird? How can we show our love for our fellow human beings who are out of work/homeless? Will a passing kind smile mean you have wonderfully done your part? Really??

Allow and empower yourselves with the love and courage to GET involved, on whatever level, but GET involved. BE a presence for those who are seeking. I'm on Facebook, admittedly too much maybe, :-)

and while on there.. I see many of us clergy types bellyaching and whining over the most petty and negative stuff! I mean it's great to be able to ask your far flung friends on there for prayer for this or that.. but the 

whining, from clerics, in public...OMG! lol It does in a very real way though, that we are, no matter who, human to a fault. As the Holidays come nearer.. let's see if we can help turn those with a gimme gimme attitude, into a givvie givie one. When the season of gift giving arrives, lets ask the Holy Spirit for gifts for ourselves... the gift of courage to love others we might never have the normal chance to do so. For in obtaining that courage, we find the bonus gift of love.  For with in that bonus gift, lies the other (but wait, there's more!) even better gift of sacrifice.

 God's richest blessings be with each and every one of you!