Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year Blessings..

My Dear Blogger Friends,
Happy New Year!
My prayer for all of you is that this coming year be one of Joy, Laughter, Friends,and lots of love all around.
May 2009 be a year of inner peace for all of you. May the Child Born at Christmas Grow in your hearts all this year. Amen.

I also want to apologize for being away so long from writing in my blog.
Mainly I have not given the Holy Spirit enough time as She needs with me to give me the right words to say.
Also being an independent priest, I don't have the wealthy pockets of Rome to fall back on.. so I must work like everyone else to support myself, and my ministry. Retail is a great people job.. but so hard on the long hours. Especially at the holidays.

So, pray for me as I will for you.
I hope to write more this year and share what the Holy Spirit wants to say.
God's Richest blessings be yours this day and all through the year.