Friday, November 5, 2010

Random musings on "Hope"

Dear Sisters and brothers,
it's yet again been a while since I've posted, now our elections have come and gone, and are now but an almost distant memory. even though the uber right-tea partiers claim to have "taken back America", My question is what have they taken it back to?
To a time where kids and young adults kill themselves because of being bullied by others because of their sexuality? To a time where fear is used as control to those who do not agree with them, and it's ok for a (now ex) school official to encourage gay kids to commit suicide? This is what the tea partiers and those who brainlessly follow them have as part of their list of things to bring America "back"?
Nevertheless...there is hope... NOT necessarily in politics nor politicians,
however, but in real hope...hope in that which we know to be God's Holy Spirit. Hope that opens doors,eyes and hearts to the hat mongering that is passing for Republican Agenda.
The Holy Spirit opening hearts and minds to see those using fear to manipulate the ignorance of those unwilling to learn and grow.
Hope is what encourages us to go on..knowing that there is or will be something better out there for us as GLBT people of faith. It's this faith, that we desperately need to pass on to our GLBT youth. In fact, we need to be that face of hope. For Hope.. real hope not political, not democratic nor republican, Hope that is Jesus himself,this is what people are searching for...this is who we need to be and show. WE are the face hands voice and HOPE of Jesus to others, especially those in pain and hurt and searching and confused. We need to be in direct contact with that Kingdom of God within us in order to show others they too can be a part of that kingdom. Where hate, or fear mongering or bigotry. Can you step up and say yes to hope? Say yes to the kingdom of God within? Others are dying for you to do so!