Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks...

Once again it's time as a nation and as individuals to
Give thanks.
We do this as a once a year thing,with tons of food,family,and friends.
But do we,are we really thankful? Should we not be thankful not just once a year,but all year?
Should we not stop and take stock of our lives as they are and be thankful for what we have?
Not hide behind food,and near comatose naps afterward. But be really thankful of what God has given us. Knowing that but for the grace of God....
I'm not suggesting we take an arrogant attitude like the publican in the Gospel story,but one of humbleness and awestruck,heartfelt thanks to Our Creator for all we have,for all God does for us,and for the wild beauty of sunsets, of loving friends, of the quality of our lives not in it's quantity.
Speaking of which, how often than not do we as American consumers equate quality of life with quantity of things,number of friends,how much money we have,etc? Especially when the greedy retail establishments want us to come out on thanksgiving day and take advantage of those "great deals" they are giving us.
Yes we do need a certain amount of "things" in our lives, but that in no way should make us equate how good of a life we live by the accumulation of these all pervasive "things".
It's easy to loose sight of that which is real. I Hope that today and in the days to come what we count as quality in our lives will not be based on the quantity of things we acquire.
May we all be mindful of the needs of others,as the Holiday season progresses.
May the One who we will wait for in the coming Advent season fill our heats and minds with a quantity of blessings,so that we in turn can be a blessings to others. In turn giving another a reason to be thankful to a loving God.

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