Friday, October 3, 2008

Feast of the Transitus of St. Francis

Blessings of the feast everyone!
It has been a few months since I last wrote anything.
Tonight however I do want to write a short paragraph on the Feast of St.Francis of Assisi.
This feast also called the "Transitus", meaning the crossing over from life to physical death (eternal life),is one of the Franciscan family's most important feasts.
We who call ourselves Franciscan, model our spiritual strivings aftr this simple man from Assisi, Francesco Bernadone as he was known in the world.
Many know the story of how after he came back from a battle with a neighboring town,he renounced his possessions and his status, sold a lot of cloth from his father's business, and then gave the money to the poor. He was denounced by his birth father in front of the local bishop.
He stripped his clothes off, and gave them back to his father. The bishop put his own mantle around Francis,and accepted his plea to become a poor man of Assisi.
Well, the rest is history as they say.
How can we as christians,do our poor best to follow the Poverello of Assisi?
Some of us join a Franciscan community either as a friar or as a member in a secular community.
Many of us give Francis a nod with our heads..and do nothing at all.
What little ways can we think of doing to open our hearts to the kind of love Francis had for Jesus?
I pray that tomorrow as I take my life vows in the franciscans of the Holy Cross, I can begin to answer that question in myself honestly.
Blessings to you and yours,
Peace and all Good,

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